About us

Gifli pronounced G' Fly was founded in 2011 and has grown from a mere T-shirt brand to one that has delved into streetwear of all types. Gifli is inspired by skate, graffiti, hip-hop and pop culture. Gifli is known for its quality and unique designs. The brand's unique style is a perfect mix of contemporary and traditional aesthetics. This blend has made the brand a favorite among celebrities and the general public. Gifli products lift and enhance your image. As a style-conscious brand, Gifli has continued to evolve to ensure it meets the constant demands of the culture. The name Gifli comes from the words gifted life meaning the celebration of life.

Over the years, Gifli has stayed true to its roots by supporting various charities and causes. The brand has also sponsored many events and festivals. Gifli's commitment to giving back has endeared the brand to many.